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Supporting audit tools

Here are a couple of tools that can help you assess, review and record your Healthy Schools work and contribute to your Annual Audit.

Why we think we are a healthy school Use this to help gather evidence from the wider school community to contribute to your audit.

Pupils see things from their own perspective, so information collected by them can often provide illuminating evidence. We developed Your school wants to be a healthy school! for this purpose. Schools say that not only do the pupils find it fun to do, but also that the evidence they produce is both helpful and revealing.

And we've just added a new tool - produced by the pupils of St Issey CE VA school. They took our "Your school..." tool and made it their own - we were so impressed we asked if we could share it with other school.... click here to see a copy.


Remember you can get help with completing the Annual Audit, action planning and any other aspect of Healthy Schools work by contacting us.