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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Getting Active

“For an individual to be fully engaged - performing at their fullest and most awesome capacity - we must give attention to the development of their emotional, physical, mental, and social selves. Creating space for children to thrive requires that their bodies have the space and freedom to explore, move, jump, and play just as well as their minds.”
Molly Barker (Girls on the Run)

Schools can help ensure that pupils are provided with a range of opportunities to be physically active, that they understand how physical activity can help them to be healthier, and how physical activity can improve and be part of their everyday lives.




What is physical literacy?

Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity. Enabling them to be physically literate supports their development as competent, confident and healthy movers.

In a school context developing physical literacy is the foundation of PE and school sport. Physical literacy is not a programme, rather it is an outcome of any structured PE and school sport provision, which is achieved more readily if learners encounter a range of age and stage appropriate opportunities.

Here are the Department of Health's Physical activity guidelines for children and young people (5-18 years).

We are proud to be a partner in, 'Time to Move' the Cornwall PE and School Sport Framework

YST Physical Literacy Framework

The Youth Sport Trust Physical Literacy Framework provides schools with simple, easy to understand guidance on how best to structure PE and sport provision to ensure every opportunity is provided to develop the physical literacy of their pupils.


This Girl Can...

 This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England and a wide range of partnership organisations. It's a celebration of active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.

We love This Girl Can! and happy to support and promote any school with ideas and events aimed at female pupils and members of staff.

Useful links and resources

Primary schools! Do you know about:

  • Wake Up, Shake Up?
  • Leap into life? 
  • Huff 'n' Puff - children pay a small fee annually and this money is used to purchase play equipment. During the lunch hour children co-operate in play using the equipment. Older children can be monitors, looking after the equipment and making sure it is put away safely after each use. An enthusiastic lunchtime supervisor can take overall responsibility. 


Cornwall Healthy Weight Programme

Worried about a child in your school? Want to know about weight management courses for families? Cornwall Healthy Weight have programmes for families of children aged 4 - 7 / 7 - 13 and 1 to 1 support for 13 - 17 year olds as well as as courses for adults. They are keen to work with schools to help signpost families to their courses.


Change4Life Sports Clubs are a new type of extracurricular sports club, designed to increase physical activity levels in less active children in primary and secondary schools by:

  • Using multi-sport themes (primary) or alternative school sports (secondary).
  • Using the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Responding to what children want.
  • Establishing a habit of regular participation.
  • Developing a real sense of belonging.
  • Changing behaviours relating to key health outcomes (including healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health).

Schools can now use their Primary School Sport funding to purchase Change4Life Sports Club resources and training. Click for more info.

Change4Life School Zone gives teachers support to help children to eat healthily and move more with practical resources and ideas.

Get kids moving with Change4Life's Disney inspired Shake Ups! Any burst of 10-minute activity counts as a Shake Up and goes towards the hour of physical activity kids need a day.  Change4Life is celebrating summer with their Disney 10 Minute Shake Up