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Speakeasy Cornwall

Every parent matters

As part of the development of Healthy Schools in Cornwall we've introduced support for schools to work with parents and carers. Parental involvement is vital to long-term effective changes in children’s health and wellbeing.

One of the most exciting is the introduction of…


Speakeasy encourages committed parental involvement. Enjoyable, fun and safe, it has proved to be extremely effective. Parents develop better knowledge and increased confidence and what's more, through the opportunity to gain an OCN qualification and become peer mentors their self-esteem is raised.

What is Speakeasy?

Speakeasy provides a fun, informal, group-based opportunity for parents to learn together about talking to their children about relationships and sex. 

The main aims of the courses are:

  • to encourage parents and carers to provide positive sex education in the home
  • to encourage parents and carers to take on the role of 'sex educator'.

For a general introduction, download the Speakeasy Cornwall leaflet and read about the success of Speakeasy at Pencoys School.

Speakeasy book front cover

Speakeasy was developed by the fpa and you can also visit the fpa website for more information about it.

We offer free training for parents wishing to become Speakeasy Facilitors. For more details about this and anything with regard to Speakeasy, email Mandy Lancaster or telephone 01209 313419.

Work with families is the essence of our FIT Cornwall (Families In It Together) work, read about Speakeasy for parents and carers.