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Policy Support 

We are waiting for further guidance from the government on the policies that schools are required or requested to have.

That said, for some time our approach to policies has been pragmatic. Our stance has been that policies are a good means of setting out a school's approach to certain issues and can provide guidance and information to the school community.

Fit for purpose, practical and in practice

Having a policy just for the sake of it is pointless; like the coalition government and the Cornwall Gatekeeping Unit we believe in trying to keep burden and bureaucracy to a minimum. The important thing is that policies are put into practice throughout the school. That's why we're happy to help schools get a feel for policy content by providing framework policies that schools can develop for their own needs (see the individual policy pages using the navigation bar on the left of the screen). What we don't want to encourage is off-the-peg policies that go straight from the website to a folder on a shelf in a staffroom only to be wheeled out when we visit.

We are very clear that we don't want schools to have to reinvent the wheel or start with a blank sheet when there is existing good practice. Neither do we want to see schools producing lengthy, wordy policies that aren't really about the needs of the school. Usually, one side of A4 can capture the essence of a school’s approach more effectively than a lengthy document.

To this end we invite you to decide which non-statutory policies you feel are contributing to your wellbeing and Healthy Schools work.

If you'd like help with policies, read Policy Polish, or contact us.