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Sociograms and children's EHWB

Dr Robin Banerjee 

Dr Robin Banerjee, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Sussex, is a renowned expert on children’s social and emotional wellbeing. He is closely involved with both SEAL and the Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) programmes and is the creator of the sociogram tools.


Robin directs the CRESS (Children's Relationships, Emotions, and Social Skills) research laboratory. CRESS projects investigate children's social and emotional development and involve close working partnerships with practitioners and policymakers in the areas of education and mental health. Recent studies have examined the factors involved in peer acceptance and rejection, the social and cognitive processes involved in childhood social anxiety, and the connections between materialism and peer pressure in primary school children. A core applied focus of the CRESS lab is the development and evaluation of school-based strategies to support pupils' social and emotional functioning.


One of the key pieces of work Robin is known for is the creation and development of sociograms. We are exploring the use of these to support schools in gathering really useful data to support their Healthy Schools Plus work.

What is a sociogram?

A sociogram is a visual representation of interpersonal relationships within a group. It can be especially useful in an educational context, helping teachers and other staff understand more about pupils' peer relationships, and is often a useful starting point for identifying and addressing pupils' social and emotional needs. Go to Robin Banerjee's sociogram tools.

Training opportunity 

We were thrilled that Robin agreed to come to Cornwall in the autumn term 2011 to deliver training to the Healthy Schools team on sociograms and the tools he has developed. We thought this was too exciting an opportunity to not share with our schools and partners and were delighted to see so many attend this unique training at Epiphany House, Truro on 9th December 2011.

Join our unique EHWB in the classroom research project with Robin

Following the success of this day Robin has agreed to come back to continue the work further.  We will be working with Robin and his team to support Emotional Health and Wellbeing work in the classroom.

We are holding an introduction and training day for schools with Robin and his team on Wednesday January 16th 2013. Click here for more information.  

Visit the CRESS website to find out more about Robin’s work.