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Healthier pupils; better learners.

The Healthy Schools Award

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The Healthy Schools Award is designed to have a framework that demonstrates a school is addressing each aspect of Health and Wellbeing whilst also assuring the attainability of the award for schools.

Core Themes

To attain the award a school will be asked to demonstrate recent/current work done in each of the 4 areas:

Physical Activity:

To facilitate and encourage pupils to be active for at least 30 minutes across the school day.


To facilitate a healthy diet, encourage the development of positive eating behaviours, and educate students about the importance of nutrition for benefits to physical and mental health.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing:

To encourage a whole school approach to good mental health and facilitate the teaching of pupils about mental health and emotional wellbeing, in order to keep pupils safe, promote pupils’ wellbeing through the development of healthy coping strategies and an understanding of pupils’ own emotions as well as those of other people.

Personal, Social and Health Education:

To ensure that a whole school approach is adopted to support and meet the PSHE guidelines.



Evidence is submitted to highlight how the need of the school was identified, how they sought and implemented the interventions and the impact they have had upon the school and community including pupils, parent and staff.

A successful submission will show that the school can evidence successful implementation of practises which have raised attainment in each of the 4 core areas.



When submitting evidence the school must also map a development plan for the 2 year period in which they will have attained the Healthy Schools Award; this encourages the school to continue development of these core areas by engaging in other interventions.  This continual health and wellbeing development within the school will mean renewal of the award which will refresh their Healthy Schools Status for a further 2 years.



All schools are offered the support of a Healthy Schools Delivery Advisor (HSDA) who will arrange and/or deliver any further interventions required in order to meet the requirements for attainment. 

For more information on the team and to find out who your schools HSDA is please click here


Award Documents

Learner Participation

At the core of our offer is our Learner Participation Award. 

This award reflects the importance of student voice in identifying the issues within schools that relate to the core themes and implementing their ideas to resolve them.  This can be done through the work of school councils, pupil parliament or by providing evidence how schools encourage and seek the views of their students about school issues, capture these thoughts and opinions and evidence the impact of their implementation. 

For more information on the Learner Participation Award please click here