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Healthier pupils; better learners.

The Cornwall Healthy Schools Award Programme

As part of our work to support schools in Cornwall to make a significant and measurable change to health and wellbeing within their setting, we offer free access to an award programme alongside our support.  This programme is open to all schools in Cornwall.

The award programme is multifaceted, and incorporates all of our four core themes: emotional health and wellbeing, PSHE, physical activity, and food and nutrition.


The Cornwall Healthy Schools Award


The Healthy Schools Award is our most prestigious award, and is given in recognition of health promoting work of the highest standard.  To achieve an award, schools must identify a wellbeing need in their school community (students, staff, and families), tell us steps and actions they have implemented to address these needs, assess the impact of their changes, and document this in a case study that can be shared as best practice across all schools in Cornwall.  In addition, a Healthy Schools Award holder will also have addressed wellbeing in their school development plan, and as of September 2018, they must also hold a SUGAR SMART certificate, The Daily Mile or Active Schools certificate, and have registered for a Learner Participation award.

The SUGAR SMART and Daily Mile/Active Schools certificates are extremely easy to achieve, and we now ask for these as part of the requirements for a Healthy Schools Award as we believe that nutrition and physical activity are integral components of wellbeing, and should be addressed in some form in a health promoting school.  Student voice and participation is also a crucial factor in the whole school approach and can have a significant impact on student wellbeing, and this is reflected in the requirement for Leaner Participation Award (formerly PADL Cornwall School Council) registration.

Food in Schools Award and Learner Participation Award 

In addition to the Healthy Schools Award, we offer a Food in Schools Award and Learner Participation award.  These can be achieved independently to a Healthy Schools Award, but we highly recommend working on these awards either prior to, or in conjunction with a Healthy Schools Award.

The Food in Schools Award can be achieved by following the Food in Schools framework, which is in place to help schools with healthy food provision and facilitating healthy eating behaviours in the whole school community.  The Food in Schools Award addresses five areas of nutrition in school: food provision, environment, ethos, education, and engagement, and schools are required to provide evidence of how each of these areas is addressed.  The Food in Schools framework gives guidance and suggestions on how this can be achieved. The Food in Schools Award links with the Healthy Schools Award due to substantial evidence that implicates nutrition as a key factor in health and wellbeing, and it is a logical progression to develop a Food in Schools Award into a Healthy Schools Award.

The Learner Participation Award (new for September 2018) reflects the implementation of an effective system in schools which enables children and young people to have an active voice in issues that are of importance or affect their education.  Having an effective way that learners can openly express their opinions on matters can be a rewarding experience for learners and teaching, creating strong lines of communication, positive links in the school community, and improving involvement and wellbeing.  There are four different levels of award: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, and we provide a clear framework and guidance for developing learner participation at each of these levels in school. We recommend that all schools work on their learner participation, as student voice is a central aspect to a whole school approach and ensuring a health promoting environment.

SUGAR SMART Certificate and the Daily Mile/Active Schools Certificate


As mentioned previously, holding a SUGAR SMART and a Daily Mile/Active Schools certificate is a requirement of a Healthy Schools Award as of September 2018.  However, both can also be achieved independently, and involve a small number of easy but highly effective steps to improving wellbeing in areas of nutrition and physical activity.  You may find that your school is already eligible to achieve a certificate!  See our SUGAR SMART and The Daily Mile pages for more information about each certificate

Training, Support, & Engagement


Engagement with the Healthy Schools Team and accessing our free training and support underpins our awards programme. Although an excellent starting point for an award, training, support, and advice can be freely accessed without working towards an award.  Engaging with your Healthy Schools Advisor will allow us to give you tailored advice and recommendations, gain an insight into your school, and an understanding of your needs.  Our training and support is offered in all of our four core areas, and delivers essential base knowledge, ideas and resources for initiatives in school, and provides development in skills for staff as part of the whole school approach.

Please get in contact with the Cornwall Healthy Schools Team or your Healthy Schools Advisor to chat about your requirements.  We would love to hear from you!

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