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Healthier pupils; better learners.

The Award

A 'Healthy School' is one that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning & working. A Healthy School seeks to provide a healthy environment that engages all - children & young people, staff, parents / carers and the wider community through a Whole School Approach. The new award will reflect this definition of a 'Healthy School'.

Wellbeing and Raising Aspiration and Achievement

 At the same time we have designed the award to underline the links between health and wellbeing and achievement and to contribute to the Cornwall Education Plan Priority 4: 

To promote, protect and improve our children and young people’s mental and physical health

and wellbeing in educational settings

To recognise this link and add further emphasis we are delighted that both Caroline Court (Cornwall's Acting Director of Public Health) and Jane Black (Head of Learning and Achievement) have both agreed that the new award will awarded jointly in their names. 

The new award will reflect the changing health and wellbeing landscape and recognise all the other wellbeing projects and programmes schools maybe engaged with. This means that there will be a number of routes schools may take to get to the award.

Any school (or where appropriate groups of schools such as a MAT) in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly meeting the award requirements (see below) will be able to apply. Schools may come to the award from different routes and regardless of previous engagement with the HS programme.

What does the new award look like? 

The new award will ask schools to:

  • Show that health and wellbeing is included in the school development plan
  • Demonstrate the Whole School Approach in action in the school
  • Demonstrate that the school understands the health and health behaviour of pupils (e.g. by using the SHEU survey) and acts on this understanding. 
  • Submit a case study or share learning about a piece of work the school has undertaken to improve health and wellbeing

Healthy Schools Delivery Advisors will be able to guide and support you when submitting the award.

Schools will be asked to submit applications which will then be considered by a panel who will meet quarterly. A review visit to the school (by your named SSW) may be requested. Once the panel have approved the award they will be sent to Jane Black / Caroline Court for final sign off. 

The new award will last up to a maximum 2 years but schools may re-apply (with a new case study and re-confirmation of the rest of the criteria) at any time.