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New Model - Frequently Asked Questions

We will add new questions if they arise. If you have a question that isn't covered here do please get in touch.

Why are you changing the way Healthy Schools works?

  • The HPS service has recently been through a major review and restructure which has provided new opportunities for different ways of working

  • Our PH commissioners have us asked to focus our work this year on two key areas: EHWB and Physical Activity

  • The rapidly changing wellbeing landscape in Cornwall where there are an increasing number of wellbeing initiatives that schools will be invited to take part in - we wanted to work with our partners and schools to help align and coordinate these initiatives to help provide a coherent offer to schools that will contribute to the education plan priority: “To promote, protect and improve our children and young people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing in educational settings”.

With all this in mind we felt the current HS Award had gone as far it could go and we wanted to take the opportunities above to create a different, more flexible way of working that would be responsive to schools' needs as they navigate the changing landscape.

What’s changed?

New Award

The main change is that we will no longer offer ‘Healthy School’ Status based on the lengthy audit.

There will be a new wellbeing award based on demonstrating how the school has implemented a whole school approach to wellbeing that has made a difference to pupil outcomes. For the award you choose to showcase whatever way you are making that difference, in whatever context and through whatever piece of work… This means that if you are school working with Headstart or through Time2Move PE and School Sport Framework or something else entirely you can apply for the award.

New simpler (optional) tools:

Rapid self-assessment tool - focusing on a whole school approach to EHWB / Physical Activity & Wellbeing will capture your current practice and your priorities.

School wellbeing profile - combining local area data and information about C&YP and your SHEU results (where done)

Healthy Schools Building Blocks Checklist to download – based on the headings / questions in the previous audit – just a quick way for you to remind yourself of some of the basics of good HS practice. (but it is not something we'll be asking to complete or even share with us - just an aide memoire).

Website - we'll still maintain our excellent and well-regarded website

Will I still receive support from a School Support Worker?

Absolutely. We are reorganising the team to base school support workers in the 6 localities so that they will be able to work closely with schools and partners in the areas. Each school will have a named SSW (who will soon introduce themselves to you).

The school support workers:

  • will still be able to provide support and signposting to a wide range of resources and colleagues who can help you. They can work with you to understand the wellbeing needs of your pupils (sharing your school profile and helping you use, for example, the SHEU survey effectively.
  • can take you through the rapid self-assessment and lead you through planning a piece of work to address a specific priority
  • work with you to understand and implement a whole school approach  
  • can help you navigate all the wellbeing programmes / support on offer and what / where the links / overlaps may be
  • plan with you a specific piece of work to improve wellbeing and help you evaluate
  • help you prepare your submission for the new award
  • will work with local partners (such as school nurse, primary mental health workers, workers from the Your Way 11+ IAG team, School Games Organisers etc.)  to create locally relevant support for schools
  • will be able to support you in your different grouping such as Clusters, MATs, Cooperative Trusts or schools lead by an Executive Head
  • identify and share best practice of the schools on their patch.

What about food and healthy eating? 

Food in Schools Award

The Food in Schools award will stay the same. Food has an important role to play in the whole school approach and can be a key driver of good wellbeing in all sorts of ways.

What about PSHE?

The programme will not focus on PSHE as part of the new model this year. However we have appointed a new team member whose role will be to focus on PSHE. In the first instance this will concentrate on the needs of secondary schools. They will working closely with our partners and schools to pick up the the PSHE review and needs assessment we started a little while ago.

Will you still be offering your training programme?

Training will commence from January 2017 and these opportunities will be available to ALL schools, even if they choose not to go for the new award. Training is free and, where possible, resources will be provided for schools to keep. Please see the training page for further details.

I was part way through my audit - has it been lost?

No! it is safe and we can let you have it (in print form) on request. SSWs will bring current audits to any meetings with you to use as part of the wider discussion about your current practice / priorities.  

I've only just got my 'Healthy School' award  - is it still valid?

Yes - any school awarded HS status (or completed  HS Plus) during 2015 / 16 will be recognised until July 2017. You may still use the plaque and the HS logo on your websites etc.