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Cornwall Healthy Schools Delivery Advisors

Delivery Advisors work to support all schools across Cornwall in becoming a healthy school. They all have a general enthusiasm and passion for promoting health and wellbeing in the education sector and love to support schools wherever they can! The Cornwall Healthy Schools Team is split into six localities (please see map below), meaning that each delivery advisor is assigned to support all schools within their locality.

Our locality based Delivery Advisors can:

  • Help schools to identify what could be done to address a health need, or to enhance existing wellbeing activities and good practice.
  • Help schools to plan and develop a piece of health and wellbeing work
  • Connect schools with the appropriate support, resources and training
  • Help schools to celebrate and share your success and learning


 Locality 1

Cheryl Ellwood 

Specialism: Relationship and Sex Education; Drugs and Alcohol Education

Email: cheryl.ellwood@cornwall.gov.uk

Phone: 01736 336576 or 07887822398

Me at a glance: Preferring to care for others and to help them in practical and tangible ways, I get great satisfaction from seeing people enabled to be the best they can be.  

What's my background?

I gained my B.Ed in Manchester, and taught a reception class before having my family. I returned to work to run a Nursery School, and then became a Play Specialist in a Children's Ward. This raised my interest in nursing, and I qualified as a Nurse (and a Midwife), working in hospitals in Cornwall. This was followed by jobs with two different children's charities, before joining Cornwall Healthy Schools. I have also taught bobbin lace-making Adult Education classes.

What values drive me?

Fairness and justice - I've been an active supporter of Amnesty International for many years.

What do I enjoy doing when I am not working?

I love spending time with family and friends, pottering in my garden, reading, knitting and watching a bit of football.


 Locality 2

 Jilly Parkinson

Specialism: Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Email: jilly.parkinson@cornwall.gov.uk

Phone: 01872 326033 or 07826902284

Me at a glance: A people person with a philosophy of "live and let live", I get a great deal of pleasure from helping others.

What's my background?

With a sports degree and PGCE, I have a longstanding interest in health and wellbeing education and work for Cornwall Healthy Schools for 3 days a week, Wednesday - Friday (I teach yoga on Mondays and Tuesdays!).

What values drive me?

Honesty, openness and fairness.

What do I enjoy when I am not working?

Housework (just kidding!). Walking my dogs in the beautiful Cornish outdoors and spending time with family and friends.


Locality 3


Paula Chappell

Specialism: Online Safety and Mental Health 

Email: paula.chappell@cornwall.gov.uk

Phone: 01872 326037 or 07807279256

Me at a glance: I love a challenge!  My butterfly-like mind is always curious for new ideas and insights.  

What's my background?

Having spent many years in various roles within the NHS in treatment services, it has been an absolute pleasure to work in a health promotion role in Healthy Schools since 2012.

What values drive me?

Openness, optimism and fairness.

What do I enjoy when I am not working?

Family, friends and music


Locality 4

Becki White

Specialism: Physical Activity

Email: Rebecca.white@cornwall.gov.uk

Phone: 07483138431

Me at a glance: Optimistic about life in general and human potential in particular. Tends to live for today with a "you only go around once" philosophy.

What's my background?

I studied for four years in Cardiff and gained a degree in Education and Early Childhood Studies. In the past I have worked as a primary teaching assistant and a specialist primary PE coach. I have also worked as part of an educational charity that advocates social mobility.

What values drive me?

For me, my values guide me and shape my priorities and reactions. The two key values guide me the most are equality and compassion.

What do I enjoy doing when I am not working?

I love to be active and play sport!


Locality 5

If your school is in locality 5 and you'd like information on the award and the support we can offer please email us at healthy.schools@cornwall.gov.uk or call us on 01209 615600


Locality 6

Harriet Kretowicz

Specialism: Nutrition

Email: harriet.kretowicz@cornwall.gov.uk

Phone: 07483179628

What's my background?

I spent 4 years at the University of Edinburgh studying psychology and developed a particular interest in health behaviours and the relationships between nutrition and brain and mental health. I then went on to specialise in Nutrition and Behaviour and I am also a Registered Associate Nutritionist.  

What values drive me?

Integrity and determination.

What do I enjoy doing when I am not working?

I love to be out on Dartmoor walking my dog (Basil)!


Team Lead

Chris Wood

Email: Christopher.wood@cornwall.gov.uk

Phone: 01872 326032

Me at a glance: Fun, fair and driven to succeed.

What's my background?

I have worked for Healthy Cornwall for nearly 10 years, starting in our weight management programme doing project work but with the will to progress. I have since line managed the Maternal Health and Early Years team in the absence of the team lead due to maternity leave. I then took the opportunity to become the Children and Young Peoples Lead. My qualifications are aligned to my background with the most significant being a degree in Health and Fitness and ILM Management qualifications.

What values drive me?

I believe it is important to have a passion for what you do and a team around me that shares those values. Collectively we strive to improve the health and wellbeing within the schools of Cornwall.

What do I enjoy doing when I am not working?

Spending time with my family and friends and throwing weights around in the gym.


School Localities

If you are unsure which locality your school or MAT is in, please get in touch with us by calling 01209 615600 or by emailing: healthy.schools@cornwall.gov.uk