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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Pupil Health-Related Behaviour Questionnaire (SHEU) 

Cornwall Council's Public Health Team and partners have commissioned the Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU) to offer access to a Health-Related Behaviour Questionnaire for pupils in Cornwall in KS2/KS3/KS4.

The survey also provides a really useful needs assessment and evaluation tool for your Healthy School award. 

This online survey is available free to participating schools once every two years. The window for free participation in 2017 was in February 2017, and will next be available to schools in 2019. Schools in Cornwall can take part in between these free opportunities - contact sheu@sheu.org.uk for information on costs involved.

  • Results are analysed by SHEU and presented in a report, enabling you to compare your results with other similar schools and the whole of Cornwall too

  • The individual data for your school will provide a detailed insight into the wellbeing of your pupils

  • Data collated at locality/county level from the surveys will inform action plans for joint working between and within organisations involved in improving the health and wellbeing of pupils in schools (one of the four priorities of the Cornwall Education Plan)

How schools have used SHEU survey results:

  • One secondary school saw their SHEU results and signed up to the C-CARD scheme based on the identified needs of their students

  • Primary schools have also responded by planning work to address issues such as hygiene, healthy living and emotional health and wellbeing

When can we take part?

  • The survey will now only be available free of charge once every 2 years (Feb 2017)

Who can take part?

  • Funding is available for Years 4-6 at Primary Level, but it is compulsory that Year 5 take part in order to receive the funding.

  • Early Years (KS1) version is available for Years 1-3 at an additional cost (contact sheu@sheu.org.uk for details)

  • Funding is also available for Years 8 and 10 at Secondary Level. Additional year groups can complete the survey but there is an additional cost for this (contact sheu@sheu.org.uk for details)

Further Information:

Please contact your Healthy Schools Delivery Advisor for further information.

Why should my school take part?

A headteacher we worked with said:
“….it gives us useful data to show us the impact of strategies we use and informs us about the physical and emotional health and well-being of the children. It also helps us to plan for the future and to allocate resources and the budget appropriately”.

Past Cornwall Surveys

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