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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Cornwall Healthy School Award 

The Cornwall Healthy Schools Award Framework aims to support schools across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to raise attainment and achievement by offering school settings an accessible and holistic health and wellbeing award framework to work toward. The award framework has a purpose of supporting schools to improve the health and wellbeing for pupils, staff, parents, carers and the wider school community.

Structure of the Cornwall Healthy School Award Framework:


Award Framework Key Themes

The Healthy School Award Framework focuses on 4 key themes. These themes are widely documented as being inseparable and interconnected when addressing an individual’s health. Schools are encouraged to embrace all 4 key themes and adopt a holistic approach to promoting health and well-being. As a result, the Cornwall Healthy Schools team ask to see that schools are working toward an overarching objectives for each of the core theme.

The 4 key themes are:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal, Social and Health Education

Overarching Objectives:

Physical Activity:

To facilitate 30 minutes of physical activity a day, encourage the development of active lifestyles, and educate students about the importance of physical activity and its benefits to general wellbeing, including mental health.


To facilitate a healthy diet, encourage the development of positive eating behaviours, and educate students about the importance of nutrition for benefits to physical and mental health.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing: 

To facilitate a whole school culture as a mentally healthy school via the teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing, in order to keep pupils safe, promote an understanding of pupils’ own emotions as well as those of other people, and the development of healthy coping strategies. 

Personal, Social and Health Education:

To facilitate a whole school approach in the delivery of PSHE within the current guidance.

Your Journey to Healthy School accreditation:

Review, Plan, Implement

The Cornwall Healthy Schools Award Framework works as a continuous process which involves ‘reviewing’, ‘planning’ and ‘implementing’ health and wellbeing provision across the school setting.

Schools will start at the reviewing stage, progress to the planning stage and then on to the implementing stage. This process, alongside a suggested time scale of how long it takes to complete each stage is demonstrated in the diagram below.


This is the starting point of working toward the award framework. You need to review your current health and wellbeing provision before progressing to the planning and doing stages of the award process. This is so you are able to identify what aspects of your provision are going well and also what aspects you would like to develop.

To review your schools health and wellbeing provision you will need to complete the review section of the award submission form. You may also wish to complete the 'Where We Are Now Document' prior to starting the review section.


This part of the award framework process is asking you to identify and put in place a concise yet comprehensive 2-year health and wellbeing provision action plan. The areas that you have identified to develop in the reviewing stage will create and inform the content of this action plan.

To complete your health and wellbeing provision action plan you will need to complete the action plan section of the award submission form.


This part of the award framework will take place over the two-year period and will see your school working toward your health and wellbeing provision action plan. You may need to regularly check and update your action plan over the two-year period.

The Cornwall Healthy Schools Team will be available to support and guide you through this two-year period. 

For more information please download our ‘Guide to Attaining your Healthy School Award’ document.


Accreditation Documents: