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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Families and Parents

Families and parents

There's no better way of teaching children about healthy choices than seeing a great example set by their parents.
We aim to create a buzz around healthy eating, physical activity and emotional wellbeing for the whole family, and offer support for happier, healthier families to enable them to understand the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

There are so many things that families can do to achieve a healthier lifestyle:

  • Growing your own vegetables
  • Understanding where food comes from
  • Trying new and exciting food
  • Cooking together as a family
  • Getting active as a family
  • Being able to make healthier choices  
The health benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle are enormous; for children, physical activity and a balanced diet are essential for growth and development. As we get older, this is just as important, and our children look up to us for guidance; so it becomes extremely important to lead by example.
Use the pages in this area to explore some ideas of how you can make small changes to your lifestyle that will create big impacts to the health and wellbeing of the whole family.