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Healthier pupils; better learners.

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is part of the government’s commitment to dealing with the public health challenge of excess weight. The NCMP weighs and measures children in reception class and year 6 in schools across Cornwall every year. 

Benefits to schools on participating in the NCMP 

•Receive a bespoke NCMP school feedback letter showing results for their school (combined average over 3 years).
•These letters can inform action to promote healthy weight at a whole school level.
•Delivering the NCMP in a school environment raises the importance of healthy lifestyles.  


Benefits to parents and families on participating in the NCMP 

•Parents are provided with an opportunity to receive information about their child’s weight status.
•University of London research showed that 87% of parents find receiving the result letters helpful.
•NCMP feedback has positive effects on parental knowledge, perceptions and intentions.
•After receiving NCMP feedback, parents’ general knowledge about the health risks associated with a child being overweight improved.

Helping to keep parents informed

•Communicating with parents before, during and after measurement day, can help keep parents informed.

•Parents may then be prompted to ask questions, helping start positive conversations, and to dispel any myths.

•Newsletters and text messaging through the schools can all help to keep parents informed. Social media platforms can also be a useful way of reaching parents. 

NCMP: School feedback letters

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) school feedback letters can help local authorities share NCMP information and data with schools.

The cover letter template is intended to be edited, to include details of any local primary care providers, weight management and support services.

The feedback example letter is an example of one sent to schools by their local authority which includes non-identifiable aggregated NCMP data.

The feedback letter metadata is intended for use by local authority public health teams, and explains the information contained within the NCMPschool feedback letters.

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Maximising the NCMP in schools to improve school health and wellbeing

Ways that schools can make best use of their NCMP data include:

Integration into family weight management services; e.g.

•Hosting Healthy Cornwall weight management programmes in schools, with school involvement in recruitment for / planning of groups.

•Integration of NCMP measurements into school curriculum and other activities
•Undertaking NCMP Measurement as part of 'Health Weeks' or days in schools

- making measurements part of broader health promotion for children and parents as well as schools and potentially reducing stigma and adverse reactions and enabling change. 

Embedding of the NCMP into the local Healthy Schools Awards.

- e.g. using NCMP school data as evidence for action to be taken on healthy eating and physical activity. Using schools' performance on the NCMP checklist (including participation rate) as a baseline for Healthy School's awards.


For any queries relating to NCMP, please contact: