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Food in Schools Award   

The Cornwall Food in Schools award is designed to allow you to focus on a whole school approach to food education and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. It is completely free, and you will receive all the help and support from us that you need to complete the award, which is made up of three key areas. You can also download the Award Support Notes to view more information about the award and how to fulfill the criteria. 

The changes in the Ofsted framework from September 2015 means that food, food culture and the promotion of healthy eating are now a key focus during school inspections.The Food in Schools award is a great way of showing your school's commitment to food education and encouraging your children to make healthier choices. The award is open to all primary and secondary settings in Cornwall.

1. Catering

This section of the award is aimed at ensuring the highest standard of food is served at school meal times. We recognise the breadth of catering provisions across the county and have ensured that the criteria are both accessible and achievable, whether you use a contract caterer or your own in-house team. We hope that by fulfilling these criteria, you will recognise the importance of using good quality, local produce for school meals, as well as creating a positive food culture by integrating your catering team into school life.

2. Classroom

The Classroom element of the Food in Schools award is designed to enrich children's learning experiences and encompass a range of opportunities to understand and appreciate food culture. We think it is essential that children learn the cooking skills and have the confidence to create and enjoy food dishes. Understanding issues such as food poverty, food banks and food miles all fall under this category, offering fantastic links with wider cross-curricular learning.

3. Community

Working with parents, families and the wider community are key to successfully nurturing and supporting children's development - and what better way to do this than with food? We recognise that sometimes it is hard to engage some parents and families, but when you do, the results and impact for the children can be quite special. This section of the award gives a structure of how you can bring parents into school, involving them with growing, cooking and most importantly working with them to promote a healthy lifestyle. After all, parents are a role model for their children and so it is key that we are all working together to create firm links between school and home.

Achieving Accreditation

To achieve the Food in Schools Award:

The Food in Schools Award can be integrated with the Healthy Schools Award - contact your Healthy Schools Delivery Advisor. We can also support you throughout the award process.

Congratulations to the following schools who have achieved the Food in Schools award:

  • St Tudy CE VA School
  • St Meriadoc Nursery and Infant School
  • Newlyn School
  • Penair School
  • Bodriggy Academy 
  • Stratton Primary School
  • Menheniot Primary School
  • Pennoweth Primary School
  • St Uny CE School
  • St Mellion CE VA School
  • St Dominic CE VA School
  • Cape Cornwall School