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Healthier pupils; better learners.



The Food in Schools programme supports schools to promote healthy eating, a balanced diet and making healthy choices. There is a wealth of evidence to show that diet has a huge impact on behaviour, concentration, achievement and attainment (PHE, 2014). 

The Food in Schools programme is an integral part of Cornwall Healthy Schools which offers:

  • Food in Schools Award 
  • A range of free staff training  
  • Bespoke guidance and support
  • Resource signposting

Educating children about where their food comes from, inspiring career aspirations into the catering or food industry and equipping children with the essential life skills to be able to confidently cook and prepare a range of food is also at the heart of the work we do. It is our passion that children are excited about making and preparing food, as well as eating great quality meals.

With the Ofsted inspection framework including a clear focus on food, healthy eating and food culture, there’s no better time to be developing your school’s approach to food.Take a look at our Food in Schools Award, which is a great way of adopting a whole school approach to healthy lifestyles, while getting some recognition for your good work along the way. 

The School Food Plan has helped to change the landscape of school food quite considerably; a clear improvement in the quality of school food served at lunch times through implementation of the School Food Standards means that our children should be accessing good quality food in school. 

If you would like anymore information on healthy eating, you can email or phone the Cornwall Healthy Schools office on 01209 615600. If you are worried about your child’s weight you can also contact Cornwall Healthy Weight on: 01209 615600 or visit their website.