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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Cornwall Healthy School Award: Nutrition

Overarching Objective: Nutrition

To facilitate a healthy diet, encourage the development of positive eating behaviours, and educate students about the importance of nutrition for benefits to physical and mental health.

Review: Nutrition

Successful coverage of this area must include information on:

  • How you increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of school staff in nutrition
  • How you raise the profile of nutrition across the school community
  • How you promote and facilitate healthy choices in school
  • How students are taught about nutrition
  • How you meet the School Food Standards, stay updated with guidance, and ensure nutritious meals are provided in school
  • The opportunities that are available to pupils to learn about cooking and growing both inside and outside of the classroom
  • How healthy eating initiatives are embedded throughout school life
  • How you consult with pupils to establish their thoughts and feelings about nutrition and how you act upon this

Please complete your nutrition review using this form. *please note that all four themes need a completed review in order for a school to attain Healthy School Status.

Completed Objective Example

You may use this example to guide your review section of the accreditation process.