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Food in Schools Award   

The Food in Schools award is designed to allow you to focus on a whole school approach to food education and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. It is completely free, and you will receive all the help and support from us that you need to complete the award, which is made up of three key areas. 

To celebrate two years of the Food in Schools award, the criteria and award process was updated in November 2017. The award continues to be available for primary and secondary education settings in Cornwall. The assessment process now includes a visit to your school to see in practice how food is embedded. 

1. Catering

This section of the award is aimed at ensuring the highest standard of food is served at school meal times, as well as at other times of the day, such as snack and breakfast club. We recognise the breadth of catering provisions across the county and have ensured that the criteria are both accessible and achievable, whether you use a contract caterer or your own in-house team. 

2. Classroom

The Classroom element of the Food in Schools award is designed to enrich children's learning experiences and encompass a range of opportunities to understand and appreciate food culture. We think it is essential that children learn the cooking and growing skills and have the confidence to explore and understand the wider context of food.

3. Community

This section of the award looks at how food can be a great tool for engaging the wider school community, including the school council, governors and parents. Food is a subject that all can be quite passionate about, so it is important to bring together everyone's views and engagement.

Achieving Accreditation

To achieve the Food in Schools Award:

  • Register for the award
  • Complete our online tool, showing us how you meet the criteria.
  • Upload evidence required.
  • Submit your application and arrange an assessment visit. 

The Assessment Visit

Your Healthy Schools Delivery Advisor will visit your school as part of the Food in Schools award process. This is your school’s opportunity to show us everything that you will have told us about in your award evidence – and more, if you wish!

These are the kinds of things we will be looking for:

  •  Evidence of growing in school.
  •  Evidence of cooking in school.
  •  Meet pupil representatives to talk about why and how food is important in their school.
  •  Evidence of how there is a whole school approach to food, where everyone is involved in some way.
  •  To see a key part of the school day which involves food i.e. breakfast club, morning break, lunch time etc.

Support Notes

Download the Food in Schools Award Support Notes for more information on the award and the criteria covered.

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