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Healthier pupils; better learners.


Food in Schools Award 

School is a key environment for promoting healthy diet and for facilitating healthy habits and behaviour change, and so should be a focus in school. Good nutrition is inextricably linked to good physical and mental health, and improving diet is likely to lead to improved general wellbeing. Additionally, health and happiness are linked to better educational outcomes.

Food in Schools is a framework to assist all schools in implementing healthy food provision and facilitating healthy eating behaviours in the whole school community. Working on these factors can culminate in an award that recognised your hard work and demonstrates you are serious about your nutritional environment and the health of your school community.

Framework & Award Criteria


The Food in Schools Framework and Award is based on five factors: food provision, environment, ethos, education, and engagement, and all are equally as important when promoting a positive nutritional environment. More detailed information about the criteria and the evidence we would like to see can be found in our Food in Schools criteria document, which you can download here.

The award encompasses and builds on SUGAR SMART, and can be achieved in a progressive manner by first achieving a SUGAR SMART certificate and then working on the Food in Schools criteria, or both the certificate and award can be worked on  and achieved together. 

Achieving an Award


We feel that food in the school environment plays such a critical role in the health of children and young people and the formulation of lifelong healthy skills and habits, that we want to help all schools to work towards achieving this framework and award! 

How do we do it?

  1. The first step is to contact your Healthy Schools Advisor for more information and to register. If you're not sure who your Healthy Schools Advisor is, please contact the Healthy Schools team at healthy.schools@cornwall.gov.uk and we will get you in contact with your advisor. 
  2. Your Healthy Schools Advisor will provide you with the necessary documentation for you to complete your evidence as well as guidance information to support your application.
  3. Your Healthy Schools Advisor will work closely with you and help where you need some extra support. We can arrange staff training sessions for SUGAR SMART and for nutrition, undertake a menu review with your catering staff, and help you in giving support and advice to parents. 
  4. When your ready and your application is almost complete, we will arrange to come and see you in school. This is a great opportunity to show us what you have been doing in school around food and healthy living.
  5. Submit your evidence!

How can I progress?


As nutrition is so fundamental to wellbeing, we encourage all schools to consider their nutritional environment at school when working towards achieving a Healthy Schools Award, and as of September 2018 it is a requirement to hold a SUGAR SMART certificate. Food can be the main focus of a Healthy Schools Award, and we would recommend that a Food in Schools award is achieved in the process by implementing the Food in Schools Framework. Telling us how and why you identified food and nutrition as an area of need, evaluating the significance and impact of the changes and interventions that were implemented, and telling us about any specific initiatives that were put in place will allow progression to a Healthy Schools Award.