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12th April 2018

Changing the face of the School Council’s PADL Award


Here at Healthy Schools, we have decided to re-name the PADL Award. Nothing else about the award will change we simply want to refocus on what the award is celebrating and who that award is for.

The PADL Award recognises the excellent practice of School Councils across Cornwall. School Councils where Student Voice sits at the heart of the constitution, enabling all students to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them. These School Councils empower students to challenge bullying and discrimination, improve wellbeing, behaviour and in turn raise attainment. They are examples of active citizenship and democracy.

The acronym, PADL, Promoting Active Democracy Loudly tried to encapsulate this ideology, but was a bit of a mouthful and a name which everyone forgot the meaning of! So we thought we would suggest that you ask your School Council to come up with a new name for the award, a name which reflects the thinking behind School Councils, places ownership on the students and resonates with the power of Student Voice.


  • Please submit your re-name suggestions to: healthy.schools@cornwall.gov.uk
  • By May 25th
  • Winners will be picked by the Healthy Cornwall Team on: 6th June
  • And the winners will be awarded a Personal award at the annual School Council awards ceremony at New County Hall on June 22nd 2018