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28th October 2019

Every Mind Matters

Public Health England have launched a new Mental Health Campaign called Every Mind Matters.

It's well known that teachers have a busy schedule – and it’s important that you take the time to make your wellbeing a priority.

The new mental health campaign Every Mind Matters offers a free self-care tool, approved by the NHS, that offers simple steps we can all take to care for our mental health. The tool can help to deal with stress and anxiety, boost mood, improve sleep quality and take control of our wellbeing.

Whilst you care for children at school, why not create your own self-care action plan today?

You can access the Every Mind Matter self-care tool and educational resources here

Emotional Health and Wellbeing has always been on the agenda when considering a Healthy Schools Award and is one of our 4 core themes. Documenting your work around EHWB for the whole school community will be a vital part of providing your evidence.

For more information on the Healthy Schools Award, Click here.