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Healthier pupils; better learners.

5th September 2019

Following a highly productive year we have reviewed our offer for the forthcoming school year and are excited to share it with you! This will include the continuation of our Awards, our support of national campaigns and a revised training offer to ensure schools receive the most relevant and up to date support possible.

Our Awards


We aim to continue the progress with both of our awards this year.  At the beginning of 2019, we launched a new look Healthy Schools Award which took a holistic approach to the Health and Wellbeing attainment of schools.  With a framework developed to support schools in meeting the statutory guidance and OFSTED requirements across Emotional Health and Wellbeing; Personal, Social and Health Education; Physical Activity; and Nutrition, we aim to work with schools to recognise the outstanding work already being done, whilst supporting areas that require development.  For more information, the framework and other supporting documents click here.

Our Learner Participation Award also remains, and we aim to build on the success of last year.  We believe young people’s voice is an integral part of a healthy school so we want to continue to recognise the work of the school council, pupil parliament or student representatives within our award.  The award is set around a criteria ranging from bronze to platinum levels, and can be completed online.  We aim to ensure that award holders from last year are supported to progress, as well as supporting new schools to register and work towards an award, which culminates in another celebration at our award ceremony at the Council Chambers in the summer of 2020. For more information about Learner Participation click here.

Our Campaigns


Like last year we will be continuing to support The Daily Mile and SUGAR SMART. 

We believe The Daily Mile to be an exceptional way for schools to support their children in engaging in physical activity.  Used as a tool for teachers in the classroom, The Daily mile has been proven to improve concentration and reduce disruption following completion of a 15 minute walk, jog or run.  Healthy Schools aim to support schools to establish the activity and aspire to register as many schools in the campaign as possible.  Click here for more information.

Since its launch in May 2018, SUGAR SMART in schools has really taken off.  Moving forwards we aim to build on this success and further increase the numbers of schools registering to the campaign.  SUGAR SMART has proven to be a manageable and sustainable approach for schools, supported by the Healthy Schools team by delivery of our SUGAR SMART School Ambassador training which provides school staff with the knowledge and skills to reduce sugar consumption in school. For more information click here.

Our Training


We have reviewed our training offer over the summer in order to prioritise the health and wellbeing needs of schools and in consideration of the resources already available by other services.  Therefore we will be offering the following training this school year:

Training in your school

(Closed 2 hr Twilight sessions)

  • Building Confidence to Teach Relationships & Sex Education
  • Online Safety- Growing Up in the Digital World
  • Resilience & Self Esteem Toolkit (ReSET)
  • Staff Wellbeing

Open Training

  • Learner Participation Workshop (Half Day Termly)
  • CEOP Thinkyouknow (3 hr On Demand)
  • SUGAR SMART School Ambassador Training (3 hr Termly)

For more information regarding our training or to book your place click here.  If your needs lie outside of our areas of support we will ensure you are signposted to the service best suited.

We really hope we can look forward to working with as many schools as possible over the 2019/20 school year and support them to reach the highest possible health and wellbeing attainment to benefit the whole school community.