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5th September 2019

NEW for September 2019, our SUGAR SMART Certificate process is changing. These changes come following the introduction of a certificate by the national SUGAR SMART campaign, therefore we have aligned our certificate with this process. As well as your SUGAR SMART efforts being endorsed by the Healthy Schools team, your certificate will also be co-signed by the national SUGAR SMART campaign. 

You will no longer need to complete the SUGAR SMART evidence Form from Healthy Schools. Instead you will need to:

  1. Sign your school up on the SUGAR SMART website
  2. Decide on your pledges and use the assets to work towards actioning your pledges. You must pledge the following 2 pledges:
  • Promote water consumption in school – e.g. install and promote water fountains, promote re-usable water bottles, allow water bottles in class, role model drinking water, do not allow soft drinks
  • Run a SUGAR SMART assembly – to the whole school community. You can use the resources from the website if you like or create your own and use students or your school council to lead the assembly.

And choose an additional 3 from the list below:

  • Promote healthy packed lunches – have a packed lunch policy in school to ensure children have a healthy and nutritious lunch
  • Remove sugary drinks – stop selling/providing soft drinks and drinks high in sugar
  • Get creative – use students to create some media to share via social channels and spread the SUGAR SMART message
  • Stock healthier food and drink – replace sugary items with healthier options and display signage about sugar. Think about your tuck shops and canteen provisions
  • Improve vending options (secondary schools only) – remove sugary items from vending machines and display health information
  • Increase the price of sugary drinks (secondary schools only) – make soft drinks more expensive than water and other sugar free options
  • Have a SUGAR SMART quiz
  • Give staff cooking lessons – get your colleagues to take part in a cooking course to create delicious and nutritious recipes
  • Set SUGAR SMART challenges – set school wide challenges and activities
  • Spread the word – create a display or organise SUGAR SMART themed events
  • Run a SUGAR SMART recipe demo – do cookery demonstrations with your school community to help adults and children make healthy choices
  • Sign up to the Healthy Workplace scheme
  • Remove adverts for unhealthy food in school (secondary only) – remove adverts and make it policy not to advertise or promote unhealthy food and drink
  1. Once you have implemented your pledges in school and have evidence of this, update your pledges on the website and tell us what you have done and the impact that this has had.
  2. Contact the Healthy Schools team, we will review your evidence and arrange a visit.
  3. Receive your certificate and keep your SUGAR SMART campaign going!

Don’t forget that you can use your SUGAR SMART work towards your Healthy Schools Award. We also offer a SUGAR SMART School Ambassador training session for staff, which is delivered in a termly 3 hour open session. Please speak to your Healthy Schools Advisor about student SUGAR SMART ambassadors and training.

If you are already working towards your SUGAR SMART certificate using the old form – please don’t worry. You can choose to continue with the work you have started, or swap over to the new model, it is entirely up to you. If you have any queries or need any support with your campaign, please feel free to contact your Healthy Schools Advisor or the Healthy Schools team and we would be delighted to help you.