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9th May 2019

New support for planning your Statutory PSHE curriculum

The new statutory curriculum for Relationships Education (KS1 & 2) and Relationships and Sex Education (KS3 & 4) will be mandatory for all schools from September 2020. 

To support your planning for this, the PSHE Association have just published two very thorough guides, available only to members of the PSHE Association.

"Preparing for Statutory Relationships Education KS1 & 2"

"Preparing for Statutory Relationships and Sex Education KS3 & 4" 

These guides give you tools for:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Pupil and teacher questionnaires
  • Policy refresh 
  • Subject review and planning
  • Curriculum review and update 
  • Sample letter to parents/carers 
  • Sample curriculum map 
  • Year group planning  

 ... and much more!

PSHE Membership

The guides are only available to members of the PSHE Association, so if your school isn't already a member, this might be the time to join.

Find information on joining the PSHE Association