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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Cornwall Healthy Schools Physical Activity Offer

We want to help all schools in Cornwall to provide opportunities for pupils to be physically active through implementing a whole school approach. Our offer is developed from current and relevant guidance and policy, with the aim that schools can gather knowledge and advice, and adapt this guidance to create sustainable good practice in their school setting. 




Physical Activity Awareness Sessions

Our physical activity awareness sessions have been specifically designed to help primary and secondary school practitioners broaden their knowledge about the current key health issues that surround physical activity, alongside signposting to further support and advice on how schools can help to encourage the next generation to be more active and, as a result, to STAY active when they become adults!


Awareness Sessions Currently Available to Schools:


National/Global Initiative Support

Our physical activity offer also includes support to schools who may wish to embed national physical activity campaigns in their setting. How Cornwall Healthy Schools can help support this will depend on the campaign it self and the school need. The current national/global physical activity initiatives that Cornwall Healthy Schools can support schools with include:


Local Initiative Support

Alongside supporting schools to embed national/global initiatives, the Cornwall Healthy Schools team also work closely alongside Cornwall Sport Partnership to help schools to embed quality and sustainable practice within their settings. For more information please click on the links below, get in contact with your healthy schools delivery advisor or Cornwall Sport Partnership.