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Healthier pupils; better learners.


Want to encourage more physical activity?  Want to get pupils walking more?  Want to add interest to your Walk to School Week?  Then a pedometer might help, and so might our Hearty Lives Pedometer Challenge!

Buy pedometers

We've managed to get a low price by buying Silva Ex Step pedometers in bulk.  We're selling them at £6.60 each (plus VAT). If you would like to purchase any Pedometers please contact us.

Borrow pedometers

At the Information Resources Service we have provided a number of class sets of pedometers that schools can borrow. For more information visit the Health Promotion Service information and resources website

Join the Hearty Lives Pedometer Challenge

Go to the Hearty Lives Pedometer Challenge website.  Signing up is easy and free!  Set yourself challenges, start a team (provided you are 16 or older) and join a league. Many local schools have taken up the challenge and some have even set their own goals, for example:

  • Walk the distance to London before a class trip
  • Walk up the height of different mountains
  • Challenge each class to see which walks the furthest in a day/week/term!
  • Staff competition to see who is more active!

10,000 steps per day 

The recommended daily target is 10,000 steps.  Try getting pupils to wear a pedometer during the school day and see how far they walk, then use the data in maths and other projects.

Calculate how many steps a five or ten minute walk to school will use up and encourage parents who 'have to drive' to park away from the school and walk the last part with their children.

More ideas

Download Simple steps to success, a guide to using pedometers with young people.