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Active Club - Previous Trainings

Many Active Club training days have taken place now and they have all been recieved extremely well, some pictures and quotes from previous trainings can be found below:


Quotes from Active Club training on 25.6.14

"Very good (training), the best fitness club course I've been on (and I've been on lots this year). I enjoyed the activities and find the resources and info useful."

hoop games     playing with hula hoops

"I really enjoyed this and would recommend to other TA/lunch assistants."

parachute games

"This course is excellent. Having a pack full of ideas and getting to try out some of the games was fun."

running games     running around

"I haven't done skipping for years - I'd forgotten how much fun it is - except my feet won't do Double Dutch these days!"

     skipping in line

"Really enjoyed the course...was buzzing with ideas!"

"Lovely course. Good fun."