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At Cornwall Healthy Schools we offer a fantastic range of resources to support all the training and work we do. Some of the resources we have put together ourselves and are implemented across the county with fantastic success and results. Some of the other resources we have come from the British Heart Foundation. At the Health Promotion Service in Redruth, we also have the Information and Resource Centre, which allows school staff to register and borrow a fantastic range of health-related resources.

BHF Activity Resources

The British Heart Foundation offer a wide range of activity resources, including the Active Club Pack, containing over 100 ideas of activities and games. This pack is available free if you attend BHF Active Club training, which is available through Cornwall Healthy Schools.

Jump Rope For Heart is another great free resource available, which, once registered, offers schools £100 worth of free skipping equipment. Schools can then hold their own sponsored skip, raising money for the school (20%) and BHF (80%), whilst having fun and keeping fit at the same time.

Artie’s Olympics is a free resource which helps nurseries and pre-schools with children aged 3-5 years organise an Artie’s Olympics event, where children take part in a range of physical activities whilst raising money for their nursery or preschool (20%) and BHF (80%).

Ultimate Dodgeball packs are another free resource, in a similar fundraising vein, where schools can use the equipment provided to hold an Ultimate dodgeball competition, raising money for school (20%) and BHF (80%).

To see the full list of what's on offer from BHF, visit their school's page.

Live Well Cornwall Pedometer Challenge

The Pedometer Challenge is a great way of inspiring children and adults to get active, whilst also engaging in some healthy competition. The Challenge allows schools to take part in competitions within school, as well as with other schools by viewing league tables online. Pedometers are available from Cornwall Healthy Schools at a cost price of £6, or full class sets can be borrowed from the Information and Resource Centre, at the Health Promotion Service in Redruth. More information and resources can be found by visiting the Live Well Cornwall Pedometer Challenge mini-site.

Health Promotion Service Information and Resource Centre

Don’t forget, a variety of wonderful health-related resources are available to borrow for free from the Health Promotion Information and Resource Centre, at Wilson Way, Redruth.

For more information visit their website.