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Change4Life Sports Clubs

Change4Life Sports Clubs are a new type of extracurricular sports club, designed to increase physical activity levels in less active children in primary and secondary schools by:

  • Using multi-sport themes (primary) or alternative school sports (secondary).
  • Using the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Responding to what children want.
  • Establishing a habit of regular participation.
  • Developing a real sense of belonging.
  • Changing behaviours relating to key health outcomes (including healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health).

All members of the Healthy Schools team have been trained to support and deliver C4L clubs and we have all the resources / equipment too. 

The training with Denise May of the Youth Sport Trust was fantastic and we had a great time with the ‘Combat’ kit

Change4Life Clubs      c4l club training


Our Healthier Lifestyles Team are ready to help your school organise your own Change4Life club. It doesn't have to be called a Change4Life club, it just has to follow the same principles:

  • Clubs that are designed by children and focused upon the least active
  • Use the inspiration of life/sporting values
  • Activity is built on increasing physical literacy
  • Develop a “sense of belonging” and establishes a regular culture of attendance
  • Uses a strong brand and the environment to change behaviours
  • Impact on the whole child!

You may already have a club like this in your school and we can help you to support and nurture that club.