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Healthier pupils; better learners.

 This Girl Can in Your School


What to expect from our training:

It is continuously shown throughout research that girls are less active than their male peers. This not only effects their physical health but also their emotional wellbeing. The 'This Girl Can in Your School' training session will give you an insight of the barriers that girls face to be active and identify the different things that you can do to help break down these barriers in a school setting and in every day to day life!  

After completing the training you will receive a 'This Girl Can in Your School' starter kit which includes a combination of adapted free resources from a number of different campaigns and initiatives that address some of the barriers that young females face when engaging with physical activity. This starter pack will include the This Girl Can resource for schools.

To book this training for your school please contact your locality worker.

This Girl Can Resource for schools...

...aims to support the 'This Girl Can' campaign in the school environment. The resource helps to promote girls and women's physical activity and addresses the key emotional and mental barriers, including self-esteem and body image, that hold women and girls back. 

The school resource includes:

  • Six themed workshops focused on the campaigns emotional themes and featuring flexible and interactive tasks.
  • Hints and tips to help staff and students actively implement the workshop ideas.   

More information: