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Resilience and Self Esteem Toolkit (ReSET)

What is ReSET?

ReSET stands for Resilience and Self-esteem Toolkit. It was born out of a desire to support schools with their Emotional Health and Wellbeing work. It brings together some of the plethora of ideas and activities available, into usable documents. These can be worked through methodically or picked up and dipped into, complementing existing work with ideas around emotional literacy, encouraging positive self-esteem and emotional resilience including a range of coping strategies.

Why did we develop ReSET?

There is now much evidence of the link between emotional wellbeing and achievement. An emotionally robust pupil is in a good position to access learning and to flourish in school and in life. Emotional resilience can be enhanced and supported by the school environment. ReSET has been developed to support schools with that process. 

Our ReSET resources: 

We have three main primary resource books and also a secondary version available as a hard copy for schools in Cornwall and they can also be sent electronically, please contact us for more information. 


If you are interested in training around the resources, we offer a twilight or INSET session, contact us for more information.