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RSE policy

The RSE policy is the starting point for good RSE in schools and a key requirement for gaining Healthy Schools status (core theme criterion 1.5).

However, having a policy is not enough on its own. The policy needs to be up to date, well known to the school community and in practice. 

Having a policy will help you to:

  • be clear about what you are doing and why
  • make clear links to your school’s values
  • provide a means of communicating to the wider school community
  • provide a secure framework for staff to work in
  • ensure inclusion, and
  • provide something against which you can monitor and evaluate your RSE.

Here is a suggested action plan for developing or reviewing a policy and some possible headings to use in the policy to ensure that all aspects are covered. As ever, scale the use of these tools to meet the needs of your school. The policy need not be pages and pages long; it simply needs sufficient information to be clear (to the school community, Ofsted and stakeholders) about what your policy and practice is.

Action plan