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Sex and Relationships Education Minisite

Resources for parents and carers

RSE and parents Leaflet produced by the then DfEE, written for parents and carers, particularly those who may have worries about RSE at school, and for those who want to find out more.

Talk to your children about sex and relationships: support for parents, Sex Education Forum Factsheet number 31, 2003.

Talking to your child about sex fpa, 1998. A leaflet packed with support and advice for parents and carers of young children on how to comfortably respond to ‘awkward’ questions.

Talking to your kids about sex fpa, 2000. A humorous video that aims to help the parents and carers of children aged 8-14 overcome their embarrassment of talking about sex.

Sex, storks and gooseberry bushes: talking to children about sex fpa, 2000. This video aims to encourage positive communication about sex between parents and their children.

Talking together …about growing up: a workbook for parents of children with disabilities fpa, 1999, Scott L and Kerr Edwards L. This workbook is full of simple activities covering key themes such as body parts, keeping safe and growing up.

Picture yourself: social and sex education for people with learning difficulties Dixon, H. and Craft, A., Me and Us. 192 picture cards with teaching notes on CD-ROM

Speakeasy: talking with your children about growing up,  fpa, 2008. An invaluable book for parents and carers who want to talk with their children about growing up, sex and relationships. The questions that children most frequently ask about puberty, contraception, reproduction, sexually transmitted infections and relationships are all answered in a clear straightforward and informative way. There are also tips on how to talk with children of all ages. It will help parents and carers understand why it is important to talk with their children about sex and relationships. The reassuring style will also give them the knowledge and skills to do so in an open and honest way. This book draws on the unique experience of the highly successful fpa Speakeasy courses. For use by parents and carers of children of all ages who want to talk with their children about sex and relationships.

Let’s talk… about RSE! A booklet for parents on listening to and talking with your children about RSE, CHIV. Includes 10 top tips for parents (on a postcard) written by children themselves.

Let’s talk some more! A guide for those wanting to work with parents and carers about RSE from the Sheffield Centre for HIV and sexual health.

Sex worth talking about. The NHS website is designed to explain all aspects of sexual health to teenagers and adults and the associated leaflet for parents seeks to help parents to talk to their teenagers.