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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Time 2 Move Cornwall Framework for PE and School Sport

'Time2Move' is the Cornwall Framework for PE and School Sport. It has been produced by a range of key stakeholders here in Cornwall including Head Teachers and subject specialists and promotes every child's right to a healthy and happy life focusing on the value of PE, school sport and health and wellbeing in closing the inequalities gap, improving life chances and making a positive impact on many of the wider challenges facing schools.

For those schools seeking a comprehensive PE, sport and health and wellbeing offer the framework provides a blueprint to develop excellent delivery both within and outside the school gates as well as support deployment of the primary sport premium.

The framework consists of 6 ambitions:


















If you would like to register your support for the Time 2 Move initiative Cornwall Sport Partnership would be delighted to send you a promotional pack for your digital communications, a certificate for your school and any additional hard copies of the document that you require. Please email info@cornwallsportspartnership.co.uk 

To access the framework and for more information please click on the links below:


Time2Move Self-Review

Each school in the county is invited to self-assess their current provision against the stated ambitions of the framework.

The individual self-reviews are collated to produce a picture of the provision that is taking place across the county county and/or large areas of Cornwall – no individual school data is shared beyond your School Games Area, Healthy School lead and Cornwall Sports Partnership, and you will not be judged by the answers in any way.

The Review was created for a number of reasons:

  • As one of the ways to track the county’s progress in PE & school sport against the Time 2 Move Framework
  • As a way to highlight trends – both positive trends, and the pressures/barriers that schools are facing
  • To be able to highlight to county senior leaders, strategic PE/SS groups and national leaders (including Government) the pressures that schools are facing around PE & school sport, so that funding/support/advice can be put into place to help schools in Cornwall
  • To be able to use in funding applications where county/area insight is required. This has been particularly useful in securing school-community club transition funding for secondary schools, and in evidencing that the PE & Sport Premium funding is having a positive impact in order to keep funding coming!
  • To inform the county strategic groups and those of us that are employed to support schools in order for us to help in the most beneficial way – e.g. In secondary schools PE is slowly being squeezed out of the curriculum due to other pressures. The Audit shows this in black and white throughout the whole county, and we use insight like this to influence nationally. In primary schools, despite the PE & Sport Premium funding, meeting the national curriculum Swimming requirements has been reported as a challenge in a large percentage of primary schools in Cornwall. We have used the barriers reported in the school audits to try and address this e.g. where pool hire costs are an issue, we are working with senior staff at GLL (Better) to try to lower costs for schools. These are just a few examples where Audit insight has been used to support schools behind the scenes
  • Your individual audit can be used within your school to identify any areas for development. It can also be used as part of any PE reporting that you have to complete to show improvements year to year (sheet 2 RAG graph) – this is completely up to you of course.

To access the self-review please click here.