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Healthier pupils; better learners.

Healthy Schools water bottles

We no longer sell Cornwall Healthy Schools water bottles!  After many successful years of providing them to schools in Cornwall, we unfortunately no longer have the storage space to keep thousands of water bottles, nor the staff capacity involved in sending them out.  We do, however, still passionately advocate the benefits to all of drinking water and further information on this can be found below.

Benefits of hydration 

For information about the benefits of water visit the Water is Cool in School website.

Research on the importance of hydration in improving children's cognition

In an article in School Health, Dr Caroline Edmonds discusses the importance of hydration in improving children's cognition and the negative effects of dehydration.  Read the abstract.  To borrow the full article, contact us (we lend resources to schools in Cornwall).

A to Z of drinking water

Radha Sethi of the Manchester Health Promotion Specialist Service compiled this A to Z of drinking water.

Guidance on the use of water coolers in schools 

ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence) and the Health Education Trust (HET) have written free downloadable guidance for schools on the use of water coolers to help ensure that the highest standards possible prevail in the selection, provision, installation and maintenance of water coolers in schools.

Health Education Trust

For information about forming an action group to tackle school nutrition and the provision of water in schools, visit the Health Education Trust's website.

Drinks policy in schools

Education Leeds have produced a comprehensive and simple guide to help inform and implement a school drinks policy.  The document also provides a clear evidence-based understanding of how a good drinks policy can positively impact on children's health and economic wellbeing.  Download the drinks policy guidance.