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The Samaritans support young people in schools and colleges in a number of different ways.  They give talks and assemblies in schools and colleges about understanding and looking after your emotional health, and where to go for help.  The talks focus on the value of talking and listening.  Samaritans is introduced as a safe place which can help support people who are in emotional distress.  The session includes videos, music and interactive exercises.  It works best in a class setting and takes about 50 minutes. To arrange a talk in your primary school by a Samaritans volunteer, contact the Regional Schools Officer Lynn Holiday by email on schoolssouthwest@samaritans.org 

We are thrilled to be able to offer training to teaching staff in the use of the secondary school DEAL resources.  We are offering free two hour sessions on how to use the resources for ALL secondary schools in Cornwall.  These can be as either a twilight staff session or as part of an inset.  See our training page or contact us for more details.

Samaritans' teaching resources help schools develop the skills that young people need to cope with life's challenges and all of their resources are free to schools.

DEAL (Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening) aims to:

  • raise awareness of emotional health and the importance of recognising when you need help
  • develop positive coping strategies
  • reduce stigma and break down barriers around talking about emotional health.
  • developing communication skills
  • developing supportive and help-seeking behaviour in young people.

The DEAL resources are a set of lesson plans and activities that are divided into these units:

  • Emotional health
  • Coping strategies
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Connecting with others (communication skills)

These units are accompanied by the following:

  • Teachers' notes
  • Staff training sessions
  • Staff training slides
  • DEAL Introduction video
  • Assessment activities
  • DEAL background information
  • Audio-visual resources

Go to the DEAL Teaching resources page on the Samaritans website

DEAL Poetry

DEAL poetry is a resource pack that uses an innovative arts-based approach to developing emotional health. By approaching sensitive issues obliquely through poetry, the activites in these sessions stimulate and inform debate amongst young people about their own emotional health.

Developed by Samaritans and Poet Educators, DEAL Poetry can be used in both small group and larger classroom environments to help young people aged 12 - 18 develop skills such as:

  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Recognising, expressing and managing difficult feelings
  • Literacy and creative thinking

Go to the DEAL poetry page on the Samaritans website

Step by Step

Step by Step is a Samaritans service that provides advice and practical guidance to help schools prepare for, and deal with, the repercussions of suicide or attempted suicide in ways which avoid inadvertently promoting suicidal feelings.

The aim of Step by Step is to:

  • ensure school communities are equipped to respond effectively to an attempted or completed suicide
  • enable the school community to recover
  • prevent the formation of suicide clusters

The service is offered by specialist volunteers, called Postvention Advisors, who offer practical support, guidance and information on addressing the impact of suicide on the school community.

These volunteers are:

  • trained volunteers from our existing Samaritans local network
  • offer practical support, guidance and information on addressing the impact of suicide on the school community
  • able to work proactively with schools and local authorities and other appropriate agencies to prevent suicides

Go to the Step by Step page on the Samaritans website