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Healthier pupils; better learners.
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Supporting Wellbeing and Resilience in the School Setting
Why be a 'Healthy School'?
SHEU FREE Pupil Wellbeing Survey / Needs Assessment
Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Mental Health
PSHE helping pupils understand and manage risk
Pupil Voice
Food in Schools: Growing, cooking and healthier lifestyles
Food in Schools: helping improve food culture across the school
Increasing physical activity across the school day and at home
Find out more about Hearty Lives, our flagship family project
Food and Cornwall: Creating food wealth so that no one is hungry in Cornwall
Schools, find out more about how you can be 'SunSafe' in Cornwall.
The 10 Minute Shake Up Is Back

Welcome to our updated website

Our vision is simple: to support schools throughout Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly to raise attainment & achievement by improving health & wellbeing for pupils, staff, parents & carers in the wider school community.

We aim to achieve this through working together with schools & our partners in the council, health service & voluntary sector to offer a ‘joined up’ effective, evidence-based wellbeing support using a ‘Whole School Approach’. We offer:

Our support is available to all schools in Cornwall & IOS free of charge. Read more in the 2015 handbook. Whatever your school wellbeing needs are, we aim to help.

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Annual Audit

The Annual Audit is intended to help you capture the essence of what it means for your school to be a Healthy School. Primarily, it's a self-assessment checklist enabling you to celebrate what's working well and to identify areas where you might want to take some action.

It will provide excellent evidence for the new Ofsted Framework from September 2015 which is putting a greater emphasis on a whole school approach to pupil wellbeing and personal development (oh, and school food!

Read more about the Annual Audit

Our support for schools

Support for schools Support for schools Why be a healthy school?
Because it works to support children and young people to develop life long healthier behaviours; to help to raise attainment and achievement; to help to reduce health inequalities; and to help promote social inclusion.

Why be a healthy school?

Healthy Schools and Ofsted

From September 2015 the revised inspection framework will include a more detailed focus on all aspects of wellbeing and personal development in school including all aspects of food across the school. we can help you prepare. 

Our support is tailored to the needs of each individual school to help you evidence your wellbeing work and celebrate your achievements by gaining 'Healthy School' status.

Our work on 'Food in Schools' is a strand of the wider Food and Cornwall programme, encompassing everything that surrounds food and food culture within the school environment.


We can work with you to help improve school meals and increase uptake; we offer courses / resources on cooking and growing skills in the classroom and beyond (including work with parents) and help you work towards the FFLP Awards. Our partners include community chefs, Cornwall Food Foundation, Jamie's Kitchen Garden Project and school caterers. 

Pupil Voice
Pupil voice is a key part of the Whole School Approach and pupils should be engaged and involved in all aspects of your Healthy Schools work.

Pupil Voice

We can work with you to help build pupil voice across the school through our work with our colleagues in Cornwall Council who are developing and delivering Learn to Lead (an innovative and highly effective approach to pupil participation) and help celebrate your work via our PADL school council awards.  

A whole school approach to wellbeing can be a powerful tool for school improvement and increased pupil attainment and achievement.


Our work is needs led and focused on your key priorities for wellbeing across the whole school community. A focus on building resilience by supporting EHWB/PSHE in schools can help increase aspiration and achievement as well as help children and young people understand and manage risks linked to poor decisions around sexual health or drugs and alcohol and help them adopt healthier lives. 

Physical activity
For the first time in history the lack of physical activity in our lives means that this generation of children may have a life expectancy of 5 years younger than that of their parents...

Physical activity

We are supporting the PE and School Support Strategy, 'Time to Move'. The strategy essentially focuses on the wellbeing of students and how it can be supported through the implementation of PE in the school environment. We are also encouraging families to get more active together through our Hearty Lives Cornwall programme.

Training and resources
We offer a comprehensive and highly regarded training programme covering all aspects of wellbeing work in schools.

Training and resources

Alongside training we have a wide range of resources to support your work. Our resources include ones we've developed locally which are now gaining national recognition through awards and being cited as  best practice in key national wellbeing strategies. All our support for schools in offered free of charge.