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Healthier pupils; better learners.

What are they saying about Cornwall Healthy Schools?

We're excited to share with you some of the comments we have received about our work in Cornwall Healthy Schools!

Thank you - you were fantastic as always... 

Jane Dewsnap

"Thanks again for all you do, the Healthy Schools courses I have attended thus far have all been excellent...I am looking forward to future courses I have booked"
Matt Nicholls, Bugle School
Hi Paula!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I just wanted to say thank you for a super day on Friday. Thank you for organising. I am very proud of Marhamchurch's school council and their achievement!
If I can help in any way to promote/enlighten school councils in any way please let me know! I look forward to the training in October!
Sarah (Marhamchurch - A PLATINUM PADL school!)

"We have had quite the active week here at St Petroc's!  On Wednesday, whilst a few of my team were training with Katherine on HeartStart, my year 4 classes did a skipathon for the BHF and raised a whopping £750! Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your fantastic support this term, it has been a pleasure getting involved with the wonderful things that you do, and I look forward to working with you all some more in the next academic year!"

Amy Enever - St Petroc's Primary School, Bodmin

Cheryl and Jilly attended a Gifted and Talented conference and here is some of the feedback they received following this:

"Thank you very much indeed for contributing so much to the gifted and talented learners’ conference yesterday. I think that the work you do is incredibly valuable and important and I am so grateful that teachers had a chance to hear what Healthy Schools has to offer. You offered a wealth of resources and links all of which can help pupils to stay healthy, enjoy their education and achieve more of their potential"

Andy Brumby, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Cornwall Council

We held some more Christopher Winter Project RSE training attended by primary school teaching staff.  Here are some of the comments they made about the resource:

"Really useful and straightforward to use"

"Great lesson plans which can be used straight away"

"Easy to deliver and they can be adapted"

"Excellent! Good structure, clear layout and easy to use"

"Great - a useful whole school approach that should benefit parent / school communication"


The Christopher Winter Project Drugs and Alcohol and RSE training took place on 23 February 2012.  Here are some comments from people who attended the training:

"I feel confident about taking CWP back to school to feed back to staff, and use"

"Really easy to use detailed, structured and interesting teaching ideas and resources for the children"

"It's great to come to something where people really care about the subjects"

"Fantastic, well structed and I love the whole school approach"

"Excellent, easy to use, user friendly"


Here are some recent comments from the Active Club training held at Portreath Life Saving Club on 12 January 2012:

"It was a brilliant course.  I learnt a great deal and enjoyed having a go at all the activities."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the professional delivery of an excellent course.  The hands-on participation was excellent to reinforce ideas.  Thank you!"

"Well delivered session, I wish all our lunchtime assistants could receive this training"

"Excellent training session run by knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutors"

"Great ideas, good fun.  I will hopefully use lots of the ideas"

"Really enjoyed today! : )"


Here are some recent comments from the Annual Audit training... (Autumn 2011)

"Thank you. Cornwall Healthy Schools RULES OK"
"Thanks again, you are quite inspirational"
"Thank you all for your hard work, you are a very inspiring team"

But enough about us - what were the first reactions to the Annual Audit?

"Very straight forward - not as scary as I feared"
"Looks easier than previous review"
"More user-friendly, easier log-in, useful printing option"
"Not used previous Audit, but this looks easy & user friendly"
"I like having all the prompts to help me answer accurately. I also like being able to work on each section independently and save and return at a later date"
"Looks simple to use"
"Looks like it is quite user-friendly. First thought is that I could take one section to whole staff meeting each week - engage everyone"
"Clear and straightforward but will need time in school to be able to fill in sections with the involvement of other teachers. Really helpful!"

"It seems clear and easy to use. The help boxes are clear. Very user-friendly, a great tool to evaluate & create discussion & then move forward"
"It seems clear and easy to use. The help boxes are clear"
"It is a useable tool, and I like the way it is always current. The IT is well thought-out (saving, back-up, buttons) and I like the prompts. It's a bit daunting to fill out at first but a worthwhile investment; like all things, better things require a bit of effort!"
"Much simpler than the national audit. Hope my information on the national audit will move across. Very clear and easy to fill in"
"More stream-lined: - like not having to repeat information - like simplifying evidencing"
"It looks clear and simply laid out. I like the prompts feature. I also like the fact that our old audit info can be transferred"
"It looks easy to use and idiot-proof! Good to see how hard you have tried to take on board the punters comments!"
"Pretty straight-forward. Easily accessed and followed. Not too daunting"
"Seems to be straight-forward - like the idea that others could add to it, to help share the workload"
"User friendly/quick easy log-on; multi-users good/ease of workload on colleagues; print facility good"
"I think that it looks clear and manageable. It looks like a comprehensive form of self-evaluation"
"An easy-to-understand, supportive document. Feel confident that I will be able to use it successfully and will have friendly guidance from School Support Worker"
"Excellent - very reassuring. A genuinely useful tool in it's own right"
"User friendly. Help built in to explain what to do. Panic has not set in!"
"Brilliant - so much work has gone into this. Very manageable, support prompts are great. Really like the action plan function. Well done!"
"Very clear - looks user-friendly. The hard copy format useful - although seems a lot of boxes to fill in ie Action points - evidence etc. Will find out when I get started on line"
"It looks really straight forward to use. Thanks for all the hard work - it certainly doesn't look as ‘clunky' as the other one"
"Seems quite straightforward to use, good to be able to save as you go so it is a workable document. Looks simple and straightforward - hoping that the evidencing won't be too time-consuming in a large secondary school"
"Seems very user-friendly - easy to navigate & ‘bite size' chunks"
"Appears to be much more self-explanatory than the old one & will hopefully be more reliable. Just concerned whether the prompts are enough to decide on level of evidence on 1-4 scale"
"Seems much clearer - I like the help prompts for each section & way of either evidencing/action planning. Would like to know ‘how to hyperlink' for policies etc"
"Looks clear, fresh, much more useable than before"
"Excellent. First impressions the site looks human-friendly"
"Every 12 months do we update the information?"
"Seems to be quite simple to use & to involve whole school/govs etc. New to the process so have only seen the massive folder before, this doesn't look as daunting & very user friendly"
"Looks straightforward to complete"
I" have managed to follow the instructions so far! At first viewing it seems much more straight forward and user friendly"
"It looks clear and easy to use. It will be good to be able to print off certain sections. Prompts are always a good idea! Especially with local contact details. (..??) answers seemed a bit repetitive during completion though."
"Looks fairly user friendly"
"It seems to be clear and easy to use and much better than the old system."
"Looks user friendly but I need to use it to see for sure that it is easy to use"
"Much easier to understand than the old system. Easy to follow without referring to other booklets etc"
"Looks more user friendly. Appears to be lots of help available on it with ideas for evidence. Good print options available"
"Looks more user friendly than previously - makes me feel I can achieve this rather than feeling anxious!!"
"The Annual Audit looks very clear and seems quite easy to use"
"Fantastic! Clear, easy to use, plenty of guidance and therefore encourages completion rather than putting off (because it seems such an onerous task!)"
"Very impressed! Looks very clear & user friendly"

And we're responding to feedback we've received about some aspects of the tool (including comments about dylexia friendliness, boxes staying open when you save, making sure the prompts give good insight into the self-evaluation and being a bit repetitive - watch the FAQ's on the Annual Audit Help Page and see how we respond!